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If your lips are not the way you would like them to be, you can do something to make them be that. The orange county dermatologist gives you the opportunity to have lips of your choice. You only need to get some lips injections and have the pulpy and vibrant lips that you have always admired. This is possible within a matter of hours and not weeks. You only need one-hour procedure and be ready to go back to your routine few hours later. In less than a week, you will have healed completely. There are no scars for you to bear after you get the beautiful lips. The lips augmentation process is just simple but very effective. 


If you want to increase the size of your lips, the Newport Beach dermatologists take you through non-surgical injections. The fillers injected to make your lips to look more attractive. As more people give attention to your lips when you smile or talk or show other emotions, you may feel uncomfortable with small and thin lips. You don't have to bear this for longer even if nature denied you the beauty of lips. You can now change things for the better and get the power of a smile and the lips that always draw the kiss near to you. The fillers erase fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. The also increase the volume of the mouth and raise the droops on the mouth corners. 


Like all other cosmetic Newport dermatology procedures, lip augmentation is done to match the unique facial expressions of the client.  The aim of this process is to create beautiful lips that match the physique of the rest of the face. You need a lips uplift if you have too thin lips, poorly defined shape and disproportionate size of the lower and upper lips. It gives you the chance to break from the lipstick liners to create naturally alluring lips. 


The office procedure can take less than an hour. To reduce pain and sensitivities during the procedure, topical anesthesia is applied. The filling agent is injected using a tiny needle to the lips and surrounding tissues. It can be injected to other locations that the doctor deems fit to achieve the desired facial contour. You can see the results immediately.


The lip augmentation is non-surgical yet lasts long. The effects will last between three to twelve moths depending on the newport beach dermatology procedure done. The patient can experience some swelling, redness, and discomfort soon after the procedure is done.